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Thailand p112s: 50 Baht from 2004

Paper money from Thailand
Country and Pick Number:Thailand pick 112s
Banknote Series:2004 Issue
Bank / Issuer:Bank of Thailand
First Year of Issue:2004
Denomination and Currency:50 Baht
Issue Type:Specimen Note
Signature(s):Amnuey Virawan, Rerngchai Marakanond; Tharin Nimahaemin, Chaiwat
Dimensions:144x72 mm
Name of Issuer / Bank:Bank of Thailand
Name of Issue:2004 Issue
Description of Paper Money / Banknote
ND (2004). Slate black on light blue and multicolor. King Rama IX in Field Marshal's uniform at center right, arms at upper left. Back: King Rama VI seated at table at center right, royal arms at upper left center, medieval ship's prow Printer: NPA (without imprint). Like #102 but paper. As a specimen banknote.
Front of Thailand banknote, 50 Baht, pick 112s from the year 2004
Reverse side of Thailand banknote, 50 Baht, pick 112s from the year 2004
graded 66 by paper money guaranty banknote sold for $149.99 on 2016-08-25
UNC condition sold for $177.50 on 2015-12-20

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