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Description: 1961. Brown on pale green underprint. Arms at upper left. Back: Red on multicolor underprint. Watermark: Stars.

Description: 1961. Dark green on multicolor underprint. View of Kremlin at center. Arms at upper left. Back: Light blue on green and multicolor underprint. Watermark: Stars.

Description: 1961. Blue on peach underprint. Kremlin Spasski tower at left. Arms at upper left. Back: Blue on multicolor underprint. Watermark: Stars.

Description: 1961. Red-brown on pale gold underprint. Arms at upper left, \portrait of V. I. Lenin at right. Watermark: Stars.

Description: 1997. Dark brown and dark gray on multicolor underprint. Arch bridge over Yenisei River in Krasnoyarsk at left center, steeple at center right. Back: Hydroelectric dam at center. Watermark: Steeple.

Description: 1997 (1998). Dark brown, grayish purple and black on multicolor underprint. Personification of river Neva on foot of Rostral Column, Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersburg. Back: Rostral Column and Naval Museum at upper left center. Watermark: Building with steeple.

Description: 1997 (1998). Violet and brown on multicolor underprint. Apollo and chariot freize on Bolshoi (Great) Theatre in Moscow at center. Back: Bolshoi Theatre. Watermark: Building over value.

Description: 2014. Vertical format. Serial number prefix AA, Aa, or aa. Blue, purple, green and orange on multicolored underprint. Snowboarder, mountains, olympic venues in Sochi. Back: Fischt Stadium in Sochi, skier, ski jumper, skaters, hockey player, curler, bobsled team. Printer: Goznak.

Description: 2015. Brown on multicolored underprint. Monument built on rock in water on face. Back of note features a medieval structure built on rock face.

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