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France p157a: 50 Francs from 1992

Paper money from France
Country and Pick Number:France pick 157a
First Year of Issue:1992
Denomination and Currency:50 Francs
Issue Type:Regular Issue
Signature(s):D. Bruneel, J. Bonnardin, A. Charriau
Description of Paper Money / Banknote
1992. Purple and dark blue on blue, green, and multicolored underprint. Drawing of le Petit Prince at left. Old airplane at top left, topographical map of Africa at center, Antoine de Saint-Exupery at right and as watermark. Breguet XIV biplane on back. Name as Exupery, ol.
Front of France banknote, 50 Francs, pick 157a from the year 1992
Reverse side of France banknote, 50 Francs, pick 157a from the year 1992
F condition sold for $2.02 on 2017-06-16
graded 58 by professional coin grading graded banknote sold for $23.27 on 2017-04-14
graded 67 by numismatic professional grading service banknote sold for $24.50 on 2016-10-08
AUNC condition sold for $21.90 on 2016-10-04
graded 65 by paper money guaranty banknote sold for $45.00 on 2016-08-28
UNC condition sold for $9.50 on 2013-06-09
UNC condition sold for $12.19 on 2012-11-28

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