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Russia p275: 100 Rubles from 2015

Paper money from Russia
Country and Pick Number:Russia pick 275
Banknote Series:2015 Crimea Commemorative Issue
Bank / Issuer:Bank of Russia
First Year of Issue:2015
Denomination and Currency:100 Rubles
Issue Type:Commemorative Issue
Name of Issuer / Bank:Bank of Russia
Name of Issue:2015 Crimea Commemorative Issue
Description of Paper Money / Banknote
2015. Brown on multicolored underprint. Monument built on rock in water on face. Back of note features a medieval structure built on rock face.
Front of Russia banknote, 100 Rubles, pick 275 from the year 2015
Reverse side of Russia banknote, 100 Rubles, pick 275 from the year 2015
graded 67 by paper money guaranty banknote sold for $27.00 on 2017-04-16

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Comment by Proteus on 2016-12-13

"Ugly situation, beautiful banknote. Anyone know what this castle on the back is called? I would love to find an actual photo of it."

Comment by cortes on 2016-12-29

"It's called "Swallow's Nest" -"

Comment by Proteus on 2017-01-02

"Thanks for the information Cortes. The castle on the banknote actually looks better than some of the images on the internet. Its all in the point-of-view and color, I think. Just awesome."

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