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An Uncirculated Brazilian Banknote

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The Real Cruise was the monetary standard in Brazil between August 1, 1993 and June 30, 1994. The country lived high rates of inflation during this time, under the rule of president Itamar Franco.

The provisional measure that created the Royal Cruise, equivalent to one thousand Cruzeiros, was issued during this time, as a response to the inflation. No coins with the denomination of Cents were issued, and the notes and coins of the previous standard were considered as Cents at the rate of 10 Cruzeiros per Cent. The designs of the Cruzeiro Real (CR) banknotes was the use of regional populations, characterised by their cultural and phenotypical elements. With these parameters in mind, the "Gaúcho" and "Baiana" banknotes were issued, with values ​​of CR $5,000.00 and CR $50,000.00, respectively. The release of the CR $10,000.00 note was planned for 1994. The theme chosen to be worked and printed was that of the woman "Rendeira" (eamstress).

Cruzeiro Real: In July 1994, with the implementation of the "Real Plan", Brazil had aborted the whole project of launching the note "Rendeira". A Real monetary standard then emerged.

Description: The obverse shows Rendeira's effigy, with the words: "GOD BE LOUVADO" ("God be praised") and "RENDEIRA" ("seamstress"). Vertically appears the symbol and the name of the company responsible for the printing of these unissued banknotes: "CASA DA MUNDO DO BRASIL".

Chancelas: Fernando H. Cardoso and Pedro S. Malan. The reverse shows an image of three generations of women working in the making of lace, with the description "RENDEIRAS DE BILRO". The utensils and working tools appear, highlighting the pair of sandals, a container with line / scissors / needle, and cylindrical pads and bobbins used in sewing.

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Burkina2008 on 2017-10-03
"So what happened to this banknote? Does it exist in proof/Specimen?"
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AndreOHaas on 2017-10-04
" This banknote was only made as "proof", when it started the actual plan it did not go into circulation. The sale of these proofs exists in the Brazilian market."

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