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Paper Money Quiz #1

Bio page for Proteus By Proteus on 2016-11-09

There are a few things to celebrate at these days. With the latest version of the website, we now have some advanced collection features, a pretty neat (if I do say so myself) layout that works on multiple devices, and a drastic increase in membership. There are also other features on the horizon, but I'll be unveiling them as they come. We have also reached many landmarks in terms of content, but I will leave those details for an upcoming announcement. As for now, one of the challenges will be to provide regular news and articles for one and all. It is a time consuming process that I hope our members will help me with -- very shortly a new feature will be visible on the members page allowing each and every member to submit new content to the site. And while I await fresh news and ideas, I am going to put together a short quiz for banknote collectors. The following is a 8 question quiz to (hopefully) challenge all you banknote collectors.

PS - I would like to mention that these questions were taken from a PDF that did not have any references on it. These questions are not all mine, but I cannot give credit to the author, as the document leaves me no clue to the origin or author.

1. France abandoned its franc unit of currency after it had been weakened by nagging inflation. About that time Charles de Gaulle was recalled to power, ushering in the current Fifth Republic. A new series of currency was then introduced called the “Nouveaux Franc” (New Franc). One Nouveaux Franc equalled 100 of the old ones. During what years was the Nouveau Franc France's sole currency, before it reverted back to the original Franc system?

a. 1950-1952
b. 1965-1970
c. 1957-1962
d. 1958-1960

2. A portrait of Sir Edmund Hillary, the conqueror of Mount Everest, appears on what nation's banknote?

a. New Zealand
b. Australia
c. Nepal
d. Antarctica

3. The Trinidad and Tobago $1 note from the 1985 issue illustrates what native bird on the left front of its design?

a. The cocorico
b. The scarlet ibis
c. The mot mot
d. The bird of paradise

4. Who's portrait appears on the 1949 issue of Philippine Island bank notes?

a. A. Luna
b. Manuel Roxas
c. T. Sora
d. Manuel Quezon
e. All of the above

5. Canada first issued fractional currency in 1870. A shortage of silver coins existed at that time. These notes were meant to be a temporary measure to allow the government to produce enough silver coin to satisfy demand. In what denominations were these fractional notes issued?

a. 25 cent notes only
b. 10, 20 and 50 cent notes
c. 50 cent notes only
d. 10, 25 and 50 cent notes

6. The 1961 issue of New Franc notes for the French Antilles possessions of Guadeloupe, Guiana and Martinique were the product of what issuing authority?

a. Banque Central de la Antilles
b. Institut d'Emission des Departments d 'Outre-Mer
c. Casse Centrale de la France d 'Outre-Mer
d. Institut d'Emission d 'Outre-Mer

7. Tiny multi-colored discs of paper which are embedded into the paper pulp or applied during the drying process when producing bank notes are called what?

a. Dot pixels
b. Ectoplasy
c. Sprinkles
d. Planchettes

8. The abbreviation “M/C” found in catalog bank note descriptions stands for?

a. Mostly cancelled
b. Multi-colored
c. Military counter-stamp
d. Most often collected

Members Comments

Bio page for Proteus
Comment by Proteus on 2016-11-09
"Though I admit this first quiz is not the most difficult, I'm pretty happy that I got 8/8. How did everyone else do?"

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