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Bio page for Proteus By Proteus on 2013-02-03

Well, it seems as though I've finally managed to get the forums section of online.  Please have some patience while I tweak and populate the forums -- they are a novelty to me (or at least the customization and administration of forums is).  So far I have only opened four categories of discussion:

  • Paper Money Discussion (six sub categories)
  • General Discussion (non-paper money related)
  • Discussion (troubleshooting, membership, ideas, future functions)
  • Paper Money by Geography (nine sub categories)

Registration for forums is open to all, and I encourage all current members to visit the forums and register at their earliest convenience -- there is value to having the same username on the forums as well as the membership for the main website,

Also, as previously stated, I will be making tweaks and alterations to the forums, to customize it for the purpose of our paper money community.  See you there ...

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