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Paper Money from DenmarkCountry Information for Denmark

There is no description for this country (yet).

List of Paper Money Currencies

Rigsdaler,Mark,Rigsdaler Courant,Rigsdaler Specie,Skilling, Rigsdaler DC,Rigsbankdaler,Krone,Ore

Number of Banknotes for This Country

Currently there are 677 banknotes in our database for Denmark. You can view them here.

Paper Money from DenmarkThe Most Popular Banknotes from Denmark

5 Kroner from Denmark from 1955 5 Kroner from 1955
 Pick 42h: Regular Issue
50 Kroner from Denmark from 1942 50 Kroner from 1942
 Pick 32d: Regular Issue
24 Skilling from Denmark from 1810 24 Skilling from 1810
 Pick A42: Regular Issue
 2 Mark from 1713
 Pick A15: Regular Issue
 10 Rigsdaler from 1713
 Pick A9: Regular Issue
1 Rigsbankdaler from Denmark from 1813 1 Rigsbankdaler from 1813
 Pick A48: Regular Issue
5 Rigsdaler Courant from Denmark from 1775 5 Rigsdaler Courant from 1775
 Pick A29a: Regular Issue
5 Kroner from Denmark from 1946 5 Kroner from 1946
 Pick 35c: Regular Issue
500 Kroner from Denmark from 1941 500 Kroner from 1941
 Pick 34b: Regular Issue
 1 Mark from 1713
 Pick A14: Regular Issue
 80 Rigsdaler Specie from 1791
 Pick A36: Regular Issue
 100 Rigsbankdaler from 1813
 Pick A43: Regular Issue
1 Rigsdaler Courant from Denmark from 1788 1 Rigsdaler Courant from 1788
 Pick A28: Regular Issue
 5 Kroner from 1945
 Pick 35b: Regular Issue
 10 Rigsdaler Courant from 1748
 Pick A25a: Regular Issue
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