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Paper Money from CubaCountry Information for Cuba

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List of Paper Money Currencies

Peso,Peso Convertible

Number of Banknotes for This Country

Currently there are 479 banknotes in our database for Cuba. You can view them here.

Paper Money from CubaThe Most Popular Banknotes from Cuba

 3 Pesos from 1872
 Pick 28a: Regular Issue
 300 Pesos from 1860
 Pick 33E: Regular Issue
3 Pesos from Cuba from 1877 3 Pesos from 1877
 Pick 28c: Regular Issue
50 Centavos from Cuba from 1889 50 Centavos from 1889
 Pick 33b: Regular Issue
 3 Pesos from 1879
 Pick 28e: Regular Issue
 5 Centavos from 1872
 Pick 29a: Regular Issue
 10 Pesos from 1872
 Pick 20: Regular Issue
1 Peso from Cuba from 1883 1 Peso from 1883
 Pick 27e: Regular Issue
 100 Pesos from 1860
 Pick 33D: Regular Issue
 3 Pesos from 1883
 Pick 28f: Regular Issue
 50 Centavos from 1872
 Pick 32a: Regular Issue
50 Pesos from Cuba from 1869 50 Pesos from 1869
 Pick 14: Regular Issue
 5 Pesos from 1948
 Pick 70g: Regular Issue
10 Pesos from Cuba from 1989 10 Pesos from 1989
 Pick FX30: Foreign Exchange Note
 20 Pesos from 1948
 Pick 72g: Regular Issue
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