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Australia & Oceania Paper Money / New Zealand 1934
« Last post by Paxbrit on Today at 12:15:01 PM »
After two days of offers and counteroffers, snagged this VF beauty on Ebay.  Hopefully I can do this well for the Five Pound note in this Series, one of these days.

I'll take better photos once it arrives.
African Paper Money / Re: Belgian Congo
« Last post by Paxbrit on Today at 08:26:35 AM »
The 100 Franc Elephant note certainly is a beautiful design !  I'll save my simoleons for that one.
African Paper Money / Re: New Madagascar Issue
« Last post by Paxbrit on Today at 08:24:41 AM »
You know, that's exactly what a lot of folks said about the Suriname Bird series, the Chinese polymer Y2K Dragon, and the Zimbabwe 100 Trillion note !  Just to mention a few of the many 'shoulda got 'em' stories we can all tell.

I'll watch the 20,000 Franc note for a year, then pounce on it.  Either the country inflates the currency and the price goes down, or the vendors overbuy and the price goes down.  Or not.
European Paper Money / Re: Spain's 1928 Series
« Last post by Paxbrit on Today at 08:19:02 AM »
They seem to have gotten a lot more valuable in UNC graded condition !  I just bought them as raw notes, managed to pick up the entire series for under $200, had to go to five different vendors, though.

Lots of XF-AU copies out there, but UNC seems scarcer than it should be, perhaps values will rise further in the future.

I agree, a totally beautiful Series, and should be on every collector's want list.
African Paper Money / Re: New Madagascar Issue
« Last post by Proteus on October 19, 2017, 09:52:48 PM »
As far as I can tell, I've got time  ;)
African Paper Money / Re: Belgian Congo
« Last post by Proteus on October 19, 2017, 09:52:24 PM »
"Life is hard."  Ha ha ha ... yes it is.  I did manage to snag a 1000 Francs note from Katanga, albeit in crappy condition, before they all disappeared.  I don't like their designs, nor the colours.  The Katanga notes I have are purely for investment.  My old Belgian Congo notes, on the other hand, are beautiful and quite unique.  I am a huge fan of the designs and some of them I would never part with.
Asian Paper Money / Re: India classic
« Last post by Proteus on October 19, 2017, 09:50:14 PM »
Aha -- now I see the underlying politics.
European Paper Money / Re: Spain's 1928 Series
« Last post by Proteus on October 19, 2017, 09:49:33 PM »
This series was actually the very first series that I specifically targeted to complete when I first began collecting banknotes.  The colours, designs, and themes are very beautiful to me.  In a way I am glad that these are very affordable, at the same time there is a strange side of me that wishes they were more valuable, just because they're so beautiful.  I've always absolutely loved this series.
European Paper Money / Spain's 1928 Series
« Last post by Paxbrit on October 19, 2017, 05:59:12 PM »
Had to work on this classic series from Spain, issued in 1928-1936.  Sad to see such lovely national and religious themes removed from the nation's currency, if this were done today, there would be bloodshed in Espanastan.  Even the Euro notes are bland images of faux architectural 'heritage' that was created to recognize no one country's heritage, nor to offend anyone.

The 25 Peseta note features Pedro Calderon de la Barca and his monument on the face, and a religious scene on the reverse.

The 50 Peseta note features perhaps the most famous artist of Spain, Diego Velasquez, and the Prado Museum, where many of his works can be viewed, on the face.  The back of the note is his painting 'La Rendicion de Breda', depicting the surrender of the Dutch city of Breda in 1635.  The painting is also known as 'The Lancers'.

The 100 Peseta issue has Miguel de Cervantes and his monument on the face, while the reverse is Pidal's painting 'Don Quixote'.

The 500 Peseta features Cardinal Cisneros and the Cathedral at Toledo, and on the reverse a painting by Casanova showing the release of captives.  Cisneros was a harsh leader of the faith, and promoted both the Inquisition and the expulsion of the Moors from Spain, as well as crusades in North Africa.

The top denomination of the series, 1,000 Pesetas, shows Saint Fernando, who was also the King of Seville and Leon in the 13th Century, and the Cathedral of Seville, with Farrant's painting of the King receiving Holy Communion.  He was a direct descendant of Rodrigo Diaz, also known to history as 'El Cid', and carried on the Cid's work of unifying Spain.  He was very successful, and should be considered the father of modern Spain. 

He is entombed in a gold and ivory crypt in the Cathedral at Seville, where his remains can be viewed today.   His head still bears his own golden crown.
African Paper Money / Re: Belgian Congo
« Last post by Paxbrit on October 19, 2017, 02:07:46 PM »
Yeah, won't be getting too many more notes from the Belgian Congo in this condition.

I recall not purchasing the roque Katanga issues in the early 1960's, when the Congo was tearing itself apart and UN and mercenary units were all running rampant.  Another 'shoulda bought 'em...' story.  Life is hard.
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