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Author Topic: Portugeuse Timor 1963-1968  (Read 257 times)


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Portugeuse Timor 1963-1968
« on: March 01, 2017, 06:09:23 PM »
I've found a killer deal on a photo copy stand, and have started photographing my primary collection, as well as some material set aside for Ebay.  So here in all it's glory is the 1960's currency from Timor, less the 1,000 Escudo note.  The 1,000 Escudo note has become expensive, going for 5x catalog on Ebay.  Maybe I'll get a copy one day, but not likely.

The notes feature a local hero, Regulo Dom Aleixo, who led a doomed resistance to the Japanese invasion of Timor in 1942.  He escaped to the interior of the island, and led further resistance there with the aid of Australian commandos.  He was betrayed and captured by the Colonas Negros 'Black Columns' of Timorese collaborators.  Dom Aleixo and his family were executed by the Japanese in May, 1943.