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Author Topic: New Points System: Earning Points  (Read 548 times)


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New Points System: Earning Points
« on: May 09, 2014, 05:46:51 PM »
A lot of the new features will be explained in an article sometime in the near future, when I get the chance, but here is a quick rundown for the current members:

All new members start with 100 points.

Points can be earned by uploading images to the gallery as follows:

- images can only be uploaded in front/back pairs
- pairs that average a width of 600-799px = 1 point
- pairs that average a width of 800-999px = 3 points
- pairs that average a width of 1000px + = 5 points

For those of you who have written articles, you are awarded points as follows:

1 point for every unique visitor (on a weekly basis) to read your article, for a maximum of 250 points per news article.  This means that a visitor can only get you a maximum of one point per week, but can earn you multiple points over the span of a few weeks.  This also means that there is a cap on news article points, and no matter how many unique visitors your article receives, you cannot earn more than 250 points for that article.

In the future there will be additional ways to earn points, but we are starting with these two ways for now, until the website is stable, and I have a little more time.